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Jeudi 20 octobre 2016


Based in Saint-Malo, Codif specializes in active marine plant compounds for the cosmetics industry. To obtain these innovative and highly-effective extracts, the firm uses cutting-edge techniques allowing the active ingredients to be fully preserved.


Developing novel bioactive cosmetic compounds from marine and plant biotechnology

The Poly-Mer project, coordinated by Codif, was launched in 2012 to develop marine polymers and functionalized derivatives for cosmetic or phytosanitary applications."We took polysaccharides and set up a repository," explains Romuald Vallée, scientific and industrial director at Codif. "Then we examined the molecules. Once this was done, we had to find a way of using green chemistry to break the molecules down so they could penetrate the skin."

Poly-Mer ended in April and has led to several molecules entering the cosmetics market, and to patents and reconstructed skins models. "If it hadn't been for CBB, the project would never have got off the ground," reflects Vallée. "It's a great example of what can be achieved. For us, this means a 25% increase in sales over the next three years and new jobs with both us and our partners (Polymaris Biotechnology, Cermav, BIOalternatives)." Collaboration between Codif and CBB goes back a long way, which allows the latter to anticipate needs. CBB's Roland Conanec explains: "We stepped in as if we were an external R&D unit, providing input on certain subjects. We played the matchmaker between all the different stakeholders, and this led to a large-scale collaborative biotech project."

Romuald Vallée, scientific and industrial director
+33 (0)2 23 18 31 07
Saint-Malo - France