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Mercredi 19 octobre 2016

Bretagne Plants

Bretagne Plants is a certified consortium of all the region's seed potato producers. Its vocation is technical, economic and scientific, as illustrated by its research on the detection of viral contamination.


Producing seed potatoes

To fight the potato virus Y which causes leaf necrosis and loss of production, the firm started participating in a collaborative scientific project in 2008. "One of the quality parameters for seed potatoes is to be as healthy as possible" explains Emmanuel Guillery, the manager. "Unfortunately, the virus evolves over time and we had to identify the different strains in order to create the right serums for efficient detection".

To rise to this challenge, Bretagne Plant was backed by Capbiotek which has been supporting the consortium since 1988. "Through them, we were able to find scientific partners and apply for regional funding." Nathalie Letaconnoux was their Capbiotek advisor: "In addition to the partner search, we provided human resources. The outcome has been really positive for the company." The new quality control instrument has helped consolidate the sector in Bretagne, making it France's top exporter of seed potatoes. Against a backdrop of fierce competition, the sector's ability to fully master this technique has strengthened its credibility on the international stage. Back in the early 2000s the sector exported 40,000 T of seed potatoes; today this figure stands at 91,000 T. "The health quality of our region's seed potatoes has been recognised," says a happy Arnaud Barbary, in charge of research at Bretagne Plants.

Bretagne Plants
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