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Mercredi 26 octobre 2016


Solina, a European leader in the food industry, draws on its experience and know-how to offer comprehensive solutions in functional aromatic ingredients and nutritional products. Innovative in nature, the company is based near Rennes and exports to Europe, Asia and North Africa.


Food ingredient solutions

To obtain food of higher nutritional value, Solina was involved in a collaborative project dealing with 'clean label' meat products which are additive-free with lower levels of allergens. The project, MEATIC, attracted support from CBB Capbiotek which already knew Solina through the Valorial cluster. "In addition to assisting in the project's set up, the organization used its network to help us understand how INRA and its departments work," explains Hélène Féchant, director for research and innovation at Solina. CBB Capbiotek's advice was clearly a great help in successfully setting up the project. "MEATIC has enabled us to develop our technical expertise and to launch new product lines. As a result, we are now increasing our sales."

One of the first tasks in developing this project was to translate meat language into academic language and vice versa. "It was a year before the partners could understand one another and begin cooperating," recalls CBB's Roland Conanec. "It's great to see that, three years down the line, the project partners are pushing ahead using the same language." It is something that the company can capitalize on as it reaches out internationally.

Hélène Féchant, Director for research and innovation
+33 (0)2 99 60 07 60
Bréal-sous-Monfort - France