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Mardi 22 novembre 2016


The firm designs and manufactures plastic packaging using state-of-the-art facilities that empower it to engage in a real policy of innovation. As a company committed to the environment, it focuses on the manufacture of biological PHAs.


Design and manufacture of good packaging by thermoplastic injection

Some years ago, the firm took on the challenge of producing a (bio) plastic by bacterial fermentation. The project was called BluEcoPHA. "We identified sources of marine bacteria capable of synthesizing polyhydroxyalcanoates (PHAs), a sort of biodegradable polyester," explains Benjamin Barberto, CEO. "In order to grow, these bacteria require a specific environment (substrate) that we were able to determine from coproducts." The PHA then has be extracted correctly and checked to ensure it has an extremely high level of purity. And Europlastiques and its partners have now achieved this since they are able to produce this natural polymer. "To support us in our endeavor, we called on CBB Capbiotek, which gave us some credibility," continues the company's boss. The organization's knowledge of green technology proved to be very useful to us. Capbiotek helped us to apply for financial aid from France's environment and energy management body, and now we are able to put together a marketable solution." Roland Conanec in particular provided technical and engineering expertise: "it took a lot of liaising and drafting. We identified where the bottlenecks were in order to move the project onto to the industrial stage. All this was made easier since we already knew the partners and had followed the earlier research stages." For the long term, the firm plans to focus on the agrifood sector with plastic packaging that is as biodegradable as the contents within it.

Benjamin Barberot
+33 (0)2 43 49 56 56
Changé - France