The network leader

CBB Capbiotek, the gateway to biotechnology in Bretagne

CBB Capbiotek is a biotech innovation center aimed at driving regional economic growth through innovation in biotechnology and chemistry.

We support innovation projects by providing various services in the following areas: pharmaceuticals, agrifood, cosmetics and the environment.

CBB Capbiotek is a bio-booster for innovation offering:

  • Consultancy
  • Scientific and technical monitoring
  • Feasibility studies
  • Industry-research matchmaking events

Working at the heart of an ecosystem of technology parks, clusters and businesses, we at Capbiotek support businesses and laboratories in developing and implementing innovative projects. We provide scientific and business expertise to advance the growth and productivity of these projects.

As the driver of the regional biotech industry and the leader the Capbiotek network, our center organizes or co-organizes various industry events (industry-research meetings, group participation in trade fairs...)

CBB Capbiotek is accredited by the Ministry for Higher Education and Research and certified ISO 9001.

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