Health and Healthcare


Key advantages
Committed partners

Biotech & health in Bretagne, making a difference

Together, our key industries – agrifood, marine and digital sectors - provide us with a huge and unique capability in biotech for advancing human health.

Biotech & health
As a region specializing in genetics, biomarkers and the production and use of molecules, including marine molecules, Bretagne has the skills and knowledge to help address the healthcare challenges of the future. We are also able to get partners together to work on collaborative multidisciplinary projects that associate public laboratories with companies.

Key businesses and organizations

  • a structured healthcare industry led by ID2Santé
  • over 60 companies
  • technology transfer centers: CBB Capbiotek, ID2Santé
  • preclinical and clinical Contract Research Organizations
  • clinical research centers
  • biological resource centers for health
  • high-level technology platforms and the  Biogenouest network for life sciences
  • a hospital-university federation focused on cancer care (CAMIn)
  • structured research on multifactorial disorders certified by Inserm (TramWest)
  • Innovation clusters: Health - Atlanpole Biotherapies / Marine resources - Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique / ICT - Images et réseaux / Nutrition - Valorial.